Dangerous Woman New

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    Yoo-Ra (Ko Eun-Mi]) comes from a rich family. She has nothing to worry about in her life. She looks fragile, but is tough mentally. After her brother's death, she gives up on her plans to study abroad and begins working at her family's company named Jinsong.

    Since So-Ra (Hwang Bo-Ra) becomes involved in Yoo-Ra's life, Yoo-Ra loses people who she likes one by one. Yoo-Ra then learns of a secret about So-Ra and her mother. Now, Yoo-Ra fights back to protect her family from So-Ra and her mother.

    So-Ra was raised by a single mother. During So-Ra's early years, her mother brainwashed So-Ra to hate the Jinsong company and Yoo-Ra's family. This is because So-Ra's mother and Yoo-Ra's father had an affair, which resulted in So-Ra's birth. After Yoo-Ra's mother found out about their affair, So-Ra's mother was dumped by Yoo-Ra's father. Now that So-Ra is old enough, she wants to take everything which Yoo-Ra has.