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    Chae-ok is the daughter of a nobleman, who was framed for conspiracy and thereafter committed suicide. She got separated from her brother at the age of 7 when she was caught by the officer who then took her to be the slave of Hwangbo Yoon's family. Alongside him, she was raised in the mountains and learned martial arts and sword fighting. She has loved Yoon silently for years, knowing they cannot be together because he belongs to a higher social class. Instead when he becomes a police commander, she joins his bureau as a damo to continue being near him and working with him.

    When Chae-ok goes undercover while investigating a counterfeiting ring, she meets the rebel leader Jang Sung-baek. She must try to arrest Sung-baek, but despite her bravery and resolve, she finds herself falling for him.


    Year Award Category Recipient
    2003 MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress Ha Ji-won
    2003 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor Lee Seo-jin
    2003 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor Kim Min-joon
    2003 MBC Drama Awards Special Writer Award Jung Hyung-soo
    2003 MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award Ha Ji-won
    2003 MBC Drama Awards Best Couple Award Ha Ji-won and Lee Seo-jin
    2004 Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Director for TV Lee Jae-kyoo
    2004 Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor for TV Kim Min-joon
    2004 Asian Television Awards Best Drama Series Damo