• Stage Name: Solji

    Birth Name: Heo Sol Ji

    Group: EXID

    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

    Birthday: January 10, 1989

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Blood Type: O

    II. Solji Facts

    - She was an R&B singer.
    - She was a former member of the group 2NB (R&B unit).
    - Solji released a total of 23 singles with 2NB, but none of it was a success.
    - She had also a solo career, she released a single in 2008.
    - Solji was EXID’s vocal trainer before joining the band.
    - In 2015, she won King of Mask Singer.
    - She likes hiking.
    - Solji’s nickname is Heo Bad Gas (Hani have said that whenever they’re on a diet and they’ll just eat eggs she always farts) – shaRtube
    - Solji raises her legs in her sleep.

    - Solji has a dog named Choco. Its breed is Chihuahua.- She has an older brother

    - Solji really likes men in white pants.
    - She was on hiatus due to health issues (since late 2016 till 2018). She was recovering from her hyperthyroidism.

    - She’s a coach for the Vocal team on Under 19 Survival Show

    - On March 25, 2020 Solji announced that she left Banana Culture.

    - In March 2020, Solji signed with C-JeS Entertaiment in order to pursue a solo career.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)