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    I. History:

    “From East to World! Hello, we are DONGKIZ.” —DONGKIZ

    DONGKIZ (동키즈) is a five-member boy group under Dongyo Entertainment. They released their pre-debut single on November 21, 2018 and officially on April 24, 2019 with their first single album "DONGKIZ On The Block".

    II. Members:

    Won Dae (원대) Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

    Mun Ik (문익) Vocalist, Main Dancer

    Jae Chan (재찬) Vocalist, Rapper, Visual

    Kyoung Yoon (경윤) Main Vocalist

    Jong Hyeong (종형) Lead Vocalist, Maknae

    III. Discography:

    Mini albums

    Dongky Town (2019)

    Single albums

    "DONGKIZ On The Block" (2019)

    "Blockbuster" (2019)

    "Ego" (2020)

    Digital singles

    "DONGKIZ Pre-debut D/S 1." (pre-debut) (2018)

    "Dreaming You" (2019)

    "Lupin" (2020)

    IV. Filmography:

    Reality shows

    Good Girl (Mnet, 2020) - guest (Episodes 6-7)


    Big Issue (SBS, 2019) - cameo (Episode 3)

    V. Latest M/V:

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    VI. Writing & Producing Credits:

    Jaechan has written, composed & produced 3 tracks