• I. Synopsis

    The story starts with a doctor, Kim Joon-young (Kim Myung-min), returning home. His daughter, Eun-jung (Jo Eun-hyung), dies in a car accident on the same day along with another woman. Kim Joon-young wakes up with the day repeating. He tries to save his daughter but fails, with the day repeating over and over again. The woman's husband also experiences the day repeatedly. They cannot seem to save their loved ones no matter what. Later, they find out that the father of a child whose heart was transplanted without the father's consent and the man who had caused an earlier accident are the two persons whose day is repeating, along with the child father, who is seeking revenge by killing their loved ones. They reconcile to the father after learning that his child's heart is inside of the daughter. Thus, the son does not allow his father to die so they save him so that everything returns to normal. The doctor explains the transplant to the press as the movie ends.

    II. Accolades

    Year Award Category Recipient
    2017 Fantasia International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Asian Feature Fil
    A Day
    2018 Fantasporto Special Mention A Day