My Mister

  • A man in his 40's withstands the weight of life. A woman in her 20's goes through difficult experiences, but also withstands the weight of her life. The man and woman get together to help each other.Dong-hun is married to Yoon-hee.

    His wife is secretly having an affair with a senior executive at the construction company where he works. Yoon-Hee wants to divorce Dong-Hun and marry the executive, Joon-Young.

    Dong-Hun also has two brothers who live with his mother. The oldest brother, Sang-Hoo doesn't have a job and he is separated from his wife. Gi-Hoo is the youngest brother and he wants to become a movie director.Meanwhile Ji-an lives in a difficult situation. She supports her grandmother who is unable to move by herself. Ji-An is also in heavy debt and is harassed by loan shark Gwang-Il.

    She works as a temp employee at the same construction company as Dong-Hun. One day, she sees Dong-Hun receive 50 million won ($50,000 USD) of gift certificates. She goes back to the office late at night and takes the gift certificates from Dong-Hun's desk. She tries to pay off her debts with the gift certificates, but her plan doesn't work out.

    Ji-An learns that Joon-Young, the company Vice President, is having an affair with Dong-Hun's wife. She goes to Joon-Young and offers to make Dong-Hun leave the company if he will pay her.