Marry Me Now

  • The drama centers around a balanced, multigenerational family.

    Park Hyo-seob, is a widower and a compassionate father to his four children; Park Sun-ha, Park Yoo-Ha, Park Jae-hyung and Park Hyun-ha. His life takes a turn when he meets his first love, Lee Mi-yeon after 36 years.

    After their mother's untimely death, Park Sun-ha takes the responsibility of her younger siblings. She acts as a mother to the family.

    In the other hand, the second daughter, Park Yoo-ha studied hard in medical school and finished her intern course but sacrifices her dream to become a doctor in order to marry her love, who is from a rich family. They have a daughter, Eun-su. However, her life isn't as perfect as people think it to be.

    Meanwhile, Jung Eun-tae is an enthusiastic doctor. He volunteered for performing medical service abroad in Africa, but he comes back to Korea. Eun-tae is not interested in marriage because he believes he is like his father, who placed priority on his medical work over family.

    Later, Park Yoo-ha and Jung Eun-tae's lives become intertwined.

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