Hello Franceska

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    Romania, 2005. The last of the vampire families on earth are sent by their leader to different places all over the world, and told to hide themselves and live among humans until "the glory of their empire" is restored.

    However, a group of vampires heading for Tokyo takes the wrong ship and arrives in Korea. They run into Doo-il, a timid and unlucky salaryman in his forties who's just been rejected by the woman he loves. One of the vampires, Franceska, bites him by mistake and he becomes one of them. They promise Doo-il that they will turn him back into a human on the day their leader comes to find them; meanwhile, they have to live with him. Left with no other choice, Doo-il reluctantly agrees.

    Disguised as a family of five, Doo-il and the vampires start new lives in Seoul. There's Franceska, who acts as Doo-il's wife, with the other three, Elizabeth, Kyeon and Sophia as their fake children. Franceska is a 500-year-old vampire descended from one of the most prestigious vampire families; she is cynical, sophisticated, and seemingly cold, but later becomes addicted to gambling (horse racing, Go-Stop). Pretty and stylish Elizabeth gets a job at a trendy boutique and searches for her perfect mate by dating an endless string of men. Kyeon survived on chicken blood during the worst famine in vampire history, which damaged his brain and made him simple-minded. 1,875-year-old Sophia is the oldest among the four vampires, but trapped in the body of a teenage girl. The vampires find human life alternately odd and fascinating, and as Doo-il constantly worries about everything, they eventually warm to his kind heart.