The Bros

  • I. Synopsis

    Dreaming of Indiana Jones-like success, Lee Suk-bong (Ma Dong-seok) puts all his money into the excavation of remains. He falls into more debt and gains more useless equipment. His younger brother is Lee Joo-Bong (Lee Dong-Hwi). Lee Jong-Bong is smart and works for a construction company. Due to a mistake, Lee Jong-Bong finds himself in a crisis and he may lose his job. On the way to their hometown of Andong, the brothers hit Oh Ro-Ra (Lee Ha-Nee). En route, the brothers hit a woman with their car, after which she suffers amnesia. In their very traditional family, the brothers, especially Seok-bong as the eldest, are expected to perform many ceremonial duties as part of the funeral rites. However, Seok-bong is mostly interested in searching for relics or buried treasure that could help him repay a debt, while Joo-bong risks losing his job if he cannot obtain permission to build a highway construction project for his company through the family's land. As the multi-day funeral elapses, the brothers learn more about their family, one another, and themselves.