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Yup! It is a two step process though.

Step 1

  1. Go to User Settings
  2. Click "General"
  3. Find the area labeled "Trophies"
  4. Use the checkboxes to select up to the max written

Step 2

  1. Return to User Settings
  2. Click "Edit Profile"
  3. Drag your badges into the custom order desired**
  4. If you are on mobile, please turn to landscape mode
  5. Drag the handles to re-order


Use the diagram above as a template to help you understand how your badge placement in profile will translate to desktop and mobile.


The badges are numbered 1-8 or 1-10 depending on user type. Badges 9 and 10 and also optional layouts 2 and 3 are AllKill VIP only features.

Optional AllKill VIP layouts:

  1. Finish reordering your badges
  2. Scroll down to "Layout Option"
  3. Select a layout from the dropdown menu

Please follow Step 1 and Step 2 in re-arranging badges above carefully.


Also be aware that while the system will allow you to purchase a badge more than once, you will only be able to display one of the duplicates.

What are badges? Are there different badges types?

Badges are graphics that appear in your message profile on each post.

Each of these badge types have sections dedicated to explaining what they are and how to petition for them. You can click their names or scroll down to view.


How can I get badges? Can I BUY/SELL/GIVE them to others?

Different badge types can be obtained in different ways. Most can be petitioned for, some can only be won, such as personal custom badges.


Some badges can be transferred. A good rule of thumb is that if they are not available in the shop to purchase, then they are eligible for transfer by an individual who posesses that badge. The exception is Limited Badges which can be gifted/transferred at anytime.

How many badges can I have?

You can have as many as you want, but you can only display a certain amount. Actual amount depends on your user type:

allkpop Community: 8 badges

AllKill VIPs: 10 badges


Also be aware that while the system will allow you to purchase a badge more than once, you will only be able to display one of the duplicates.

B. Color Badges

What are color badges?

Exactly what they sound like, solid colored badges in colors meant to complement your aesthetics.

Which colors are available?

How much do color badges cost and where can I buy them?

What about my fandom colors?

We have those and add new ones as new Themed badges are made for each group! If you want to add your fandom colors, create a petition for new Themed Badges to be made!

C. Custom Badges

What are custom badges?

There are two types: Personal and Guild.

In a nutshell they are unique badges whose imagery is chosen by that user or guild and both types come in static or animated variations

How much do custom badges cost?

They are not for sale per se.

Guild custom badges can be purchased only if you are a member of that guild and persist only as long as you are a member of that guild.

Personal custom badges cannot be bought at all.

How can I get a personal custom badge made then?

Personal custom are one-of-a-kind and are given as prizes in various AKP events including Threadmaker of the Month!

Can I have one another user has?

No, for both personal and guild custom.

D. Themed Badges

Ok so how do I petition for my fave KPOP or JPOP group?


This Q&A is specifically for KPOP/JPOP Themed badges. See "How do I start a petition for a themed badge I want" to start

Starting your petition:

After following instructions on how to start a petition, be aware that the content of the badges will depend on the votes it gets.

Official petition:

After your petition is made official, you will have a week to reach your final vote. Those votes correlate to a tier that will determine which badges get made. Be aware that tiers for GROUPS and tiers for SOLOISTS are different.


05+ Votes : Tier 1 : 08+ Votes

15+ Votes : Tier 2 : 16+ Votes

30+ Votes : Tier 3 : 24+ Votes

50+ Votes : Tier 4 : 32+ Votes

Tier 1
Group Soloist
  • Group Logo
  • Fandom Logo
  • Up to 3 Fandom Color badges
  • Individual badge
Tier 2
Group Soloist
  • Tier 1
  • + Individual Member badges
  • Tier 1
  • + Fandom Logo
Tier 3
Group Soloist
  • Tier 1 + Tier 2
  • + AllKill Animated badge
  • Tier 1 + Tier 2
  • + AllKill Animated badge
Tier 4
Group Soloist
  • Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Tier 3
  • + 2 x 2 Group Badge Set
  • Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Tier 3
  • + 2 x 2 Soloist Badge Set

After the final tally

Once your tier has been determined from the final vote, your badge event can proceed. Please read about badge events below!

What happens in a themed badge event?

Badge events are held in two stages.

Stage 1

User submissions for potential badge images are accepted. Everyone ia allowed to submit 1 image per badge to be made. Those who voted for the petition are allowed up to 5 images per badge to be made.

Stage 2

After submissions are collected, voting on the choices can proceed. Votes will be publicized. Accounts that vote must have over 25 posts, or their vote will be discounted.

What are themed badges?

Oh boy! This is a big category. It spans kpop idol group and fan badges to kdrama and actors and beyond.

Our current line-up:

  • Soloists
  • Actor & Actresses
  • Album NEW
  • Drama NEW

The majority are static, but there are also AllKill only animated badges based on those themes.

How much do themed badges cost?

Static Themed Badges cost 250 while animated AllKill badges are 500, but can only be bought if you are an AllKill VIP.

How do I start a petition for a themed badge I want?

Petitions require votes. In order to ensure voters are serious, be aware there is a fee to vote.

Starting your petition:

Start a thread for your desired XYZ badge in the badges section and prefix the name with the type. Ex "Soloist Themed Badge: XYZ" or "KPOP/JPOP Themed Badge: XYZ". Tag @Ibby so everything can be kept updated.

Official petition:

After your petition is made official, it will cost 10 akorns to vote for it. The petition must reach at least 5 votes, as 5 votes is the minimum to have any event held. All petitions for themed badges EXCEPT KPOP will be open for at least 48 hours. After at least 5 votes are met, a badge event will be held! Be sure to read the Q&A on badge events.


All badges petitioned for must be for something already offically out, whether it be a KPOP group, album, etc. If you want to petition for a KPOP group, there are extra considerations, so please see instructions for that.

Are there benefits to voting for a petition?

Yes of course! All users are able to submit ONE (1) image per badge being made. We do hope this limitation will ensure it is their #1 choice and best submission (Rules for Themed Badge Submission).

Voting with your akorns shows us you have real interest in the group and resulting badges. Because of this, during the following badge event, voters are able to submit 5 images per badge to be made, increasing their chances of having their image chosen.

E. Limited Badges

What are limited badges?

Like the name suggests, limited badges are available for a limited time. These badges are created based on milestone events and if certain criteria are met, they can be commissioned. They are also referred to as LE badges and the name will be used interchangeably.

What are the criteria? Milestone events were mentioned?

Milestone events refer to significant kpop-related events such as debuts, new albums, comebacks etc. Up to 6 months after such an event, limited badges to celebrate that event can be commissioned.

How much do limited badges cost?

Well the answer to that depends on when they are purchased.

There are three periods limited badges can be purchased.

  1. As part of a commission
  2. While the limited event is being held
  3. After market from a user who posesses a LE badge

1. As part of a commission:

The more you buy, the more you save. It starts at the minimum of 5 (individual) or 10 (full-length) LE badges with a 50 akorn discount per badge and increases from there. Please see the section below for more details.

2. While the limited event is being held

  • Full-length LE badge: 1000 akorns:
  • Individual member LE badge: 750 akorns
  • Bonus LE badge: 500 akorns

3. After market from a user who posesses a LE badge:

The user you buy it from sets the price.

What is a limited badge commission?

It is a pre-order that both reserves a guaranteed slot for the limited event and provides a bulk discount on the commissioned limited badges. When petitioning to reserve a limited event, keep several things in mind:

These conditions must be met:

1. The milestone event must have already taken place at the time of the commission acceptance AND it must have occurred no more than 6 months prior.

  • Since acceptance takes place the 2nd full week, the comeback needs to have occured anytime before that or within reason during that week.

2. Petitions must include either full-length LE badge(s) OR individual limited badges OR a combination.

  • Full-length - based on an entire MV or performance. 5+ scenes, run length of 30+ seconds.
  • Individual - based on the members of each idol group. 3-5 scenes, run length of 15+ seconds.

3. The order must be for a minimum of 10 full length badges OR 5 individual badges per member.

  • If individual LE badges are requested, every member featured in the MV/performance must be included. They can however be included in different amounts as long as the 5 LE badge minimum is met. Even if not ordered, they may still be made and available at the final limited event.

Pre-Order Discounts:

The minimum is 5 or 10, as outlined above based on LE badge type. Every additional order beyond that gives a 10 akorn discount per person, up to a 250 akorn discount (25/30 pre-orders).

The chart below contains some nice round numbers to make it easier calculate the pre-order discount.


Total Price:



50 akorn discount per badge
3,500 akorns
9,500 akorns
100 akorn discount per badge
6,500 akorns
13,500 akorns
150 akorn discount per badge
9,000 akorns
17,000 akorns
200 akorn discount per badge
11,000 akorns
20,000 akorns
250 akorn discount per badge
12,500 akorns
22,500 akorns



All reservations must be petitioned for/submitted for consideration to determine if the desired badges can be made and that the critieria is met. The petitioner who buys the commission is responsible for organizing this and who subsequently gets the applicable discounts.

What if I don't have 10 people? Can I purchase extra badges?

There may be "free spots", for example the minimum of 10 full-length LE badges was pre-ordered, but only 8 names were submitted in the petition. The petitioner may give these out like a gift card to others. Please DM @Ves to add names to free spots so the badge can be gifted. If the free spots are not claimed by the end of the limited event, the extra badges will be awared to the petitioner. And yes, you can pre-order all of them by yourself too.

How do I commission a LE badge and reserve a slot?

Gather interest and akorns for your petition:

This is expected to require group effort most of the time. As the petitioner, it is up to you to keep track of who wants to sign up for the pre-order discount. When you have determined your petiton is complete, tag @Ves and the limited badge squad will look over the badges that you have asked to be commissioned. Please note that events in consecutive months will not be allowed for the same group, as a courtesy to other fandoms

Check for an available slot:

On the 1st full week of every month, the limited badge squad will post how many slots are available for the next month. Slots are first come, first serve but the limited badge squad will decide when your commission will be scheduled based on factors such as badge amount, availabilty of staff, etc. The 1st week will be devoted to looking over petitions. Acceptance and scheduling begins the 2nd week with payemtns requested then. The schedule will be finalized and announced in the 3rd week.

Get a place in line:

The date and time your petition is made at the beginning of the month, if accepted, will determine your place/number in line. To avoid confusion, SLOTS OPEN (roughly) AT 10AM PST. We will provide a thread in the LE Commissions subforum of the Badges forum you can sign that should order your requests chronologically.

If there is an available slot that month matching your number, you will be informed of your successful petition. If there is not an available matching slot, there is still a chance a petition ahead of you may not be able to meet the pre-order and your petition will be moved up accordingly. In any case, you are welcome to try again next month.


Once accepted, you will be given 72 hours to come up the pre-order amount. A product in the shop will be made in the exact amount. Once bought, it becomes an offical commission. If you cannot come up with the amount, your petition will be cancelled and you can petition again next month. It is ideal if you tell us as soon as possible if you will not be able to meet the pre-order. We will notify petitions further down the line until all slots are filled or the 3rd week comes.


After the 2nd week is over and payments are collected, the badge squad will focus on scheduling. A finished schedule will be announced at the start of the 3rd week.

Limited Events:

Final limited badge events will still be held and this is where any badges made for the milestone can be bought for full price. The event may or may not include extra badges not expressly included in the commission. There will be free shop products available to those listed on the commission to get their pre-ordered badge(s) at their convenience. These will be available for a full week after the limited event begins. Please obtain your badges within that window. Those listed on the commission may also alternatively choose to transfer their discount to a different badge in the same category (full length or individual). Please DM @Ves if you wish to transfer your discount or you miss the window.


The 1st week refers to the first FULL week where all days fall in that month and begins on a Sunday. There are no refunds after the commission is bought unless for some reason the event has to be canceled. Refunds will be made to the petitioner who will disperse the akorns appropriately.

F. Badge Sets

What are badge sets?

A collection of 4 or 8 badges that are organized to form a bigger image. Four badges is also called a 2 x 2 and eight badges a 2 x 4. They come in both static (2 x 2 and 2 x 4) and animated (2 x 2) only.

Do badge sets need to be arranged in a certain way to work?

Yes, please see the rearranging badges Q&A for a helpful diagram the includes outlines of how you would arrange your sets.


It helps to think of the badges in a set as a square divided into four. Go top left (1) → top right (2) → bottom right (3) → bottom left (4). Continue this numbering for the lower part of a 2 x 4 (8) badge set, starting with 5 and continuing on to 8.

This is essentially the order your badges should be in profile. Once again, if you need a visual, please see the rearranging badges Q&A.

How do I petition for get a badge set to be made?

In the short term, we have decided that every group that has KPOP themed badges should have a 2 x 2 static badge set, so we are focused on that at the moment, but stay tuned for rules to petition for a badge set in the future!

G. Leaderboards

What are leaderboards?

The leaderboards are there to help everyone get a better picture of which badges are being asked for and where they are in the process, now that all badges will go through the petition process. It is a 5 step process all the way from in consideration to the actual reveal of the finished badges!

What are the stages petitions will go through?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Petitions in the akorn shop: Pending
  2. Petitions being hosted: Active
  3. Badges being made: Processing
  4. Badge reveal: Finished

How do I get a petition on the leaderboard?

Assuming you've made a petition (please refer to the section on the type of badge you wish to petition for), please tag @Ves, @Ibby and @ripia and we'll open a petition in the shop.

Where can I see this leaderboard?

Right here: Badge Leaderboard